Letter from Bonnie Gordon

In July of 1990, I made the decision to have my piano, an antique Sterling upright grand, completely restored, inside and out. So I began to search for the right people to do the job. The Piano Tuning Co. was highly recommended and after a personal interview with Ms. Boyd, I commissioned them to do the work. Because it had been carted all over the country and subject to all manner of abuse, the restoration would prove to be a real tell of skill and quite honestly, I was apprehensive. But my faith in the Piano Tuning Co.'s expertise was well founded. They (insert technical staff). The re-finishing work was flawless and probably more beautiful than the original. I was thrilled with my "new" piano, in both appearance and quality of sound, which a friend, a professional musician, compared to that of a $15,000 Steinway! My experience with the Piano Tuning Co., the considerate and caring way in which I was treated as well as their general professional excellence has proven a thoroughly rewarding one, and I would not hesitate to recommend their service to any one in search of fine quality workmanship.


Bonnie Gordon
Atlanta, Georgia

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