Letter from Timothy Lutheren Church

To anyone interested in knowing about the quality of "Piano Rebuilders" work:

Our church received a donation of an old upright grand piano, which, although it needed work, looked to be a better piano for our sanctuary than the one we had. We contacted our tuner at the time, and the tuner for one of our members, and both indicated that it was indeed a good piano, but both suggested different levels of work to be done to get it in shape. We then called Piano Rebuilders, and Paulette came and looked at the piano and spoke with us. Based on our experience with the three different people, we decided to have Piano Rebuilders replace the felts, clean, and regulate the piano, and also refinish the outside. The work was finished in a very short time after the piano was taken to the shop. We have been pleased with the refinishing and with the interior work. A few other problems with the piano have surfaced after we got it back, and Paulette has seen to it that these have been taken care of to our satisfaction. We have only had our piano in use since September, but so far we are satisfied. The people on the Music Committee who have dealt with this project are myself (Pastor Moore), my wife Lisa, Marlene Snyder, Mike Parnow, Mark Sleeman, and Ruth Hill. Anyone interested in talking with us or seeing the piano may call us at the church's phone number given in the letterhead.


Rev. Jeffrey C. Moore,
Pastor of Timothy Lutheran Church

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