Piano Services

Do you have a piano you have recently bought from another person, inherited from your parents, or recently acquired in some other fascinating way, that looks as though it needs some help? Or maybe you have been looking at your own piano and wishing some of it's defects would just go away? The big question is, of course, what kind of help does it need?

Some pianos need minor repair and tuning to be made playable, others need that and some specific problems addressed, while a few need to be completely rebuilt. Still others need refinishing for the sole purpose of being passed down to the next several generations. Can you imagine the joy years from now when your great grandchildren learn to play on the same piano you once played?

Only you can know what the piano is worth to you, but a professional can tell you the value of your instrument and what will be needed to restore it. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want from your piano. Think about this for a moment. Do you need a showpiece for your home? an instrument for a student, or an heirloom to for your children's children?

The Piano Rebuilders are ready to help you make a qualified decision in this regard. Please call or write us today and tell us about your piano and it's needs.


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