History of the E-pianostore

So you clicked on the link to our story did you? Well here it is. I am Paulette Boyd and in 1972 I needed to get my piano tuned and repaired. Living in a small town, I was referred to the local piano tuner. He was blind and had been taught his trade in high school. He had been a full-time piano tuner ever since and had become very, very good at it. He had tuned for many colleges, concerts, symphonies, and many, many homes for 20 years. We hit it off right from the beginning.

Three years later Vernon and I were married. Together we built a large piano tuning and rebuilding business in Atlanta and began to buy and sell used pianos as well. It was my job to look at and inspect possible purchases and so became well-trained in that area. At the same time, I was learning the piano business from the ground up. As we grew we brought on a staff of fully qualified people to work with us. Our clients were very loyal and over time our business together became well established here in Atlanta.

In 1991, Vernon passed away. Without him I knew our lives and business would change. We would miss him dearly, but we had to go on. My son, Edward House, and I decided to continue the business we had built with Vernon. We would take what he had taught us and continue in the family business. We continued to work closely with our many clients and our extended staff . We continued to adjust to the changing times and build a well-known business in Atlanta. We recently added another important person to our team, Mr. Bill See, who handles all the day to day aspects of the business.

Today we are like many small businesses that are constantly growing and changing with the changing times. In September 1999 we decided to take our business to the Internet. What started as a thought to get e-mail developed into what is now the e-pianostore.com - an umbrella company that includes our many piano business efforts under one banner.

If you are one of our long-time customers then we thank you for visiting our website - we hope that it helps you communicate with us more easily. If you are a new visitor then we welcome you to our website and we hope that you will find what you are looking for here. Please send us an e-mail of give us a call so we can get to know you.


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