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Shopping for a used piano should be a joyous time full of quiet anticipation and the hope of fulfilled dreams. Unfortunately, all too often, it turns into a tedious, time-consuming, and nerve-racking experience. Most of this is due to lack of knowledge and fear of purchasing a piano with a "problem" and needing service. Finding a piano rebuilder for your own treasured piano can be fraught with pitfalls as well. What to do?

Hi, my name is Paulette Boyd, and I am the owner of The e-pianostore. I've been in the piano business since 1974. Our business has grown over the years and we have learned the secret of focusing on what we do best and on what we enjoy doing the most:

After being in the piano business for so long, I am often asked, "How did you get started in the piano business?" Well, I would love to tell you about it so please click here.

It is true that there are many piano stores in Atlanta, but how do you find the one that you want to do business with? and ... What makes us different from everyone else? We find that most of our customers are looking for five things:

  1. Integrity and honesty
  2. Information and education
  3. Experience
  4. Quality

With the experience and knowledge we have at our fingertips, you can trust the quality of our pianos and our work. We help you cut through the confusion of buying or servicing your piano. For added peace of mind we offer references and a warranty on every piano we sell or rebuild. Please visit our Piano Sales page to view our current inventory.

  • Are you looking for a clean, high quality instrument at a reasonable price?
  • Is the task of locating a piano for your home becoming increasingly complex?
  • Would you like to sell your piano --- or trade up to something newer, bigger, or better?
  • Do you need to safely relocate a treasured piano from one place to another?
  • Is your piano's beauty hidden beneath an aged finish that needs to be restored?
  • Does your piano need new strings, tuning, rebuilding, or just some TLC?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions then we should get to know eachother better.

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