How to Care for Your Piano Part II

part II - your technician's part

If you take good care of the outside of your piano and the environment it is in, and your professional piano technician cares for the inside of your piano, then your piano will give you many years of enjoyment and beauty.

The inside of the piano should be reserved for your technician. It should be off limits for you and your family. Many pianos are damaged and require expensive repairs because the piano internals were accessed by a person untrained in their care.

Here are some things your professional piano technician should do at least once per year:

  • tune your piano on a regular basis. A piano that is properly cared for in a controlled environment should be tuned every six months or less, but at least once per year.
  • regulate and voice every three to five years.
  • clean and check for early evidence of moisture intrusion, moth infestation, or erosion of parts.
  • replace felts as necessary.
  • report the condition of your piano.


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