Baby Grand Pianos

Something dreams are made of, right? They look fabulous, but there are technical benefits too:

  • The baby grand piano has strings and soundboard specifications similar to the studio or full-size vertical pianos, but that is where the similarity ends. Like the grand piano, the horizontal orientation of the strings places the action in a position beneath the strings. The benefit of this design is a faster action resulting in more accuracy when playing advanced scores of music.
  • The soundboard is horizontal and with the lid of the piano open, the grand piano is capable of projecting the resonated sound from the top and bottom of the piano. This feature makes the grand piano more suitable in large rooms and spaces.
  • In concert situations, grand pianos are more suitable for the application of microphones when the sound of the piano needs to be amplified electronically.

The baby grand piano is usually between 4'6" and 5'7" in length. The baby grand piano is the piano of choice for serious students of music and concert musicians in every situation where the grand would be too large. The baby grand is a wonderful piano that inspires and beckons all to play.

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