Electric Pianos

Electric pianos come in many sizes and styles. Most modern electric pianos create sound by a process known as digital sampling - or digitally recording a sample of a real sound. In this case, each key of the piano is recorded digitally and stored in the memory of the electric piano or "keyboard". The advantages of an electric piano are that they are very mobile and never need to be tuned. They are well suited and limited to electronically amplified environments. Many of the newer high quality electronic pianos are capable of producing very elegant piano-type sounds, but to the distinguished ear there is a real difference. Electronic pianos create all of their sound electronically. There are no strings, no soundboard, and without electricity and a sound system, they are silent. There are applications when the electric piano is clearly the best choice, but to the piano enthusiast, to the distinguished ear, only an acoustic piano sounds like a piano.

At the E-Pianostore, we are acoustic piano enthusiasts. We presently do not sell or service electric pianos

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