Piano Service Prices

We strive to keep our prices for services within industry standards and provide you with price economy by maintaining reasonable prices concurrent with the local market. But the real economy comes in the value of our service. We provide high quality services at average or below average prices. Here is a list of some of our prices:

Piano Lesons $90/month
Piano Tuning $110
Pitch Raise $175
Piano Rebuild/Restore Grand $1325 per linear foot
Rebuild/restore Vertical
(48" to 60" pianos)
$ Call
Piano Moving $ Call
Piano Voicing/Regulation $ Call
Piano Inspection/Appraisal $ Call
Piano Consignment $ Call
Piano Repairs/new felts $ Call
Piano Refinishing $1700 to $2200 Upright
$2800 to $3400 Grand

"...the sweetness of low prices is forgotten long after the bitterness of poor quality remains."

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