Piano Tuning

A symphony orchestra tunes its piano before each rehearsal and each performance, sometimes totaling eight or nine times a week. They know that a piano begins to go out of tune immediately after service. Obviously the requirements of your piano differ from those of the symphony, but the point is that your piano needs tuning far more often than you might suspect. We recommend that you have your piano tuned as often as possible to protect your investment.

  • A concert pianist lifts his hands to begin a famous concerto. The audience gasps as the first notes reach their ears. The sound is magnifique.
  • An elderly lady sits down at an old upright given to her by her mother and while the tears stream down her face she plays an old hymn.
  • A child climbs up on the bench of a new piano and timidly picks out a tune she learned at her first lesson.
  • The organist looks across the altar towards the piano player and signals him to begin to play as the congregation waits in an attitude of worship.

The emotional expectancy is always present, but without a finely tuned instrument each of these situations would be a disaster. The worship in the church would be disturbed by discord, the child's ears would stay untrained, the old upright would be unplayable and the concert pianist would be embarrassed. The hidden ingredient in each of these situations is, of course, the piano tuner. An instrument can only give a beautiful sound if it has been made ready to do so. Satisfaction was brought about by having the piano PERFECTLY in tune.

When the seasons change, it is time once again to get your piano tuned. The Piano Tuning Company specializes in the tuning and servicing of fine pianos in homes throughout the Atlanta area. Piano tuning is an art limited to those who have the talent needed to set them apart in a field where only a few truly qualify. At the Piano Tuning Company all of our tuners have over 20 years of experience. Do not trust to luck in an area of such importance. Good judgement must be exercised since the quality of good performance of your piano comes through proper maintenance.

You need The Piano Tuning Company. These tuners have the training and experience you are looking for. Pianos in concert halls, churches, universities, public school systems and thousands of private homes comprise the background of these leaders in their field. The Piano Tuning Company can give your piano the special attention it deserves. Personal, professional care offered exclusively by The Piano Tuning Company. You need the honesty and integrity you expect and your piano deserves the best. Give it the best care possible:

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