Piano Refinishing

Pianos are an instrument not only admired for their wonderful sounds, but also for their beauty. The finish of a piano must be cared for to retain this beauty throughout the years. Many things can affect the original beauty of the piano such as sunlight, moisture, abrasion, or fire. Fortunately though, the finish can usually be restored to its original lustre or often even better. Refinishing is often scheduled at the same time as a rebuild. If you have Our refinishing process is meticulous:

  • prep for refinishing by disassembling the piano case and removing all brass parts.
  • remove old finish.
  • raise or fill any nicks or dents in the wood case.
  • apply new wood stain or paint.
  • apply several coats sanding sealer.
  • sand out the imperfections between each coat.
  • apply finish coat of lacquer.

Over the years we have been refinishing some of Atlanta's finest pianos. If your piano's finish needs a new shine rest assured that you can trust the job to us. Please contact us to refinish your piano ... let us make it look new.

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