Piano Rebuilding

Rebuilding is a process seperate from regular maintenance and repairs. Once it has been determined that it is desireable to rebuild or restore a piano, there are many things that will take place:

  • The piano will be transported to our facility and completely taken apart.
  • The old strings and tuning pins will be removed.
  • The pinblock will be taken out of the action and removed from the piano.
  • The bridges and the soundboard will be studied for structural integrity.
  • If the piano is to be refinished it is at this point that the case is moved to our refinishing shop to be prepped for a new finish.
  • In the mean time, your action will receive a thorough going over and all felts and some of the inner workings will be replaced.
  • Once the outer finish is dry, then the soundboard will be repaired and the new pinblock installed.
  • Any bridge work or bearing problems will be addressed.
  • New strings and pins will be added along with the new dampers.
  • The action will then be placed back into the piano and fully regulated.

These are only the highlights of a very detailed process that gives your piano a second life to be played and enjoyed for many more years. A rebuilder for your piano should be carefully chosen. Known for the quality of our rebuilds and the experience of our technicians, our company has long put the needs of our customers ahead of everything. We have 44 years of experience and satisfied customers. We guarantee your satisfaction too. You can trust your piano rebuild to us.

We will be happy to evaluate your piano and address its needs. Feel free to call or email us.

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