Piano Lessons

So many people would love to play the piano but they dont know how. Many people even took lessons when they were young but they got bored with all the music theory and repetitious exercises. Not so when you take lessons with us.

Piano playing should bring enjoyment to people, and learning to play the piano should be enjoyable too. There are lots of different methods to learn the piano, but very few of them are fun, and very few of them will get you playing something you enjoy quickly. Most people that want to learn the piano dont have aspirations of becoming a concert pianist - they want to play at home, school, church, or some other small venue. The point of piano lessons is to give the student something they will use and enjoy.

At the Piano Place, we have a method that (believe it or not) requires only 10 minutes of practice per day. And within a few weeks, will have you playing tunes that you enjoy.

We dont proclaim that our method is better, it just brings enjoyment to people. There are so many pianos that just sit around collecting dust because people don't play them. We will help you enjoy playing yours.

Please contact our office for more information.

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