Piano Appraisal Service

Thinking about buying a used piano but you aren't sure if it's a good one? Maybe you are wondering if the piano will be a good investment or a lemon that costs you more in repairs than it's worth? Well, we can save you some anxiety over this issue. We provide an inspection and appraisal service for people who would like to know the overall technical condition of a piano and what it's approximate value is before you buy it. Our inspection and appraisal service could help you if you ....

  • are looking at a used piano and want to know if it has flaws that you aren't seeing.
  • need to appraise your piano for moving or for insurance.
  • are trying to decide to repair/restore the piano you have versus buying a new one.
  • want a third-party opinion about the value of a piano you might purchase.
  • have a piano that has been damaged (fire, smoke, water, etc) and you need repair estimates.
  • are considering selling your piano and would like to know what it might be worth.

Our professionals have a trained eye for these kinds of things. Years of experience in the industry have taught us what to look for and where to look for it. Please give us a call for our professional and experienced opinion.

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