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1926 A.B. CHASE Grand 72inch. Opportunity of a Lifetime - - the Poor Man's Steinway! Gorgeous Tone Quality for Unending Enjoyment. Fabulous Mahogany Wood. Once it is Rebuilt and Refinished the Piano will be worth over $17,000, but we Bought it at Such a Good Savings that we will sell it for $12,000. ...Price now $12000

1922 Baldwin Grand 72inch. Piano will have new pinblock, strings, pins, dampers, hammers, shanks, and flanges and new felts throughout. Piano will be refinished in black. Fabulous piano!...Price now $19500

1939 JACOB DOLL Baby Grand 58inch. Very Attractive Mahogany Art Case. Original Finish. Wonderful sound and good action. Valued at $2900....Price now $2250

1930 Kimball Baby Grand 68inch. Piano has been Completly Restored and now has a Piano Disc Player System in it. Piano has been Refinished in lovely Black Satin. ...Price now $9585

1939 MASON HAMLIN Baby Grand 62inch. Very, Very Rare Antique Design. Symetrical in Shape. One of a Kind! Beautiful detail. Good piano with good action, Lovely tone. All Original. Valued at $12,000....Price now $9500

1932 SHONINGER Baby Grand 60inch. Sweet little Baby Grand. Rebuilt and Refinished in a Beautiful, Dark Mahogany With Classic Lines! This Piano has a Really Lovely Tone and a Nice Action, It's a Great Piano, at a Great Price!...Price now $4300

1938 Shoninger Baby Grand 62inch. Wonderful tone!!! Don't pass on it because you don't know the name. Piano has new pinblock, strings, damper felt and the action is great. The finish is still in good condition in mahogany....Price now $2800

Our Inventory changes daily so please give us a call to inquire about current inventory

DELIVERY: We can deliver any where in the Metro-Atlanta area or North Georgia. Extended deliveries are available in many cities throughout the Southeastern United States.

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